Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roses of Love

In my heart there is a Vase
With 5 roses
5 roses all for you
With five different colors
All to show you what you mean to me
The First Rose
The Yellow Rose
The yellow rose is the rose for you from me
To let you know you’re my friend, my best friend
That is a way to show you I’ll be always there for you
The Second Rose
The Blue Rose
The blue rose is to show you
With all my heart what you mean to me
With this rose I show you
There is no battle that I won’t fight for you there is no ocean big enough that can separate my love from you
There is no mountain high enough that I can’t climb for you
With this rose is the beginning of my love to you
The Third Rose
The Red Rose
Within this rose lies all the love I have for you
All the caring and all the loving I will give to you
This rose shows you how you should be treated
I will always romance your heart
Just to see you smilelike an angel
The Fourth Rose
The White Rose
With this rose I show you
All the passion that lies in my heart
All the tenderness I have towards you
All the love that I will show you each time I am able to
With all my strength and lovemy heart cries for you
The Fifth Rose
The Transparent Rose
A rose that is undying
A rose that you can see through
A rose so pure and true
Here you can see your reflection that lies in my heart
That all that lies in it is you
So perfectly, so exquisitely
A girl that is so pure of heart like an angel
A girl so beautiful her smile brings tears of joy
With this rose I show you all that I am
With this rose I show you I have nothing to hide
A love so deeply living in me
That there is no way that these roses will die
My love for you is the water to keep them alive
Loving you will always keep my vase full of roses
I love you baby with all of my heart... 

By Ernie Longhi Jr.

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