Friday, July 19, 2013

You're Intoxicating..

 Rose You Do Make Me Wonder

I wonder if you are thinking of me
Like the way I think for you
I wonder if you are speaking to me
To write for you a line or two
Of beauty and fragrance

When the whole world knew of you
And you became famous and loved
And I get to see and touch you from the garden
And I get to pick you out from the garden
To be with me everywhere I go
But the time is always short
And no matter how I tried to let you stay fresh
In no time you go withering

And that is when I wonder, how you can be leaving me
And stare you and keep you in another form
A form in time will make you fragile
I wonder how to keep you safe forever
Perhaps memories can ….

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Poem-Green Rose...

I am a green rose
No one can see me
Because I wont show myself
My real self
All around me are red roses
I am a green rose
Its not impossible to find me
Just try, keep a search
Were am I
Were you can find me
Not a red rose
I’m a green rose
I’m hard to find
Impossible to think of
Amazing in the inside
Good color
Forget those red roses
I’m a green rose
Different is always better
People like different
Seeing a green rose
Shocks the world
I not like a red rose
Red roses are always the same
Like a clique
There is only one green rose
that’s me
I’m a green rose
Beautiful, Different, Pure Beauty 

By November Nelson

Monday, July 15, 2013


People say Roses are Red, 
Then, Red Roses for my passionate love to you
People say Roses are Pink, 
Then, Pink Roses to show that I admire you
People say Roses are Yellow, 
Then, Yellow Roses to brighten your day
People say Roses are Lavender, 
Then, Lavender Roses to say that I love you at my first sight
People say Roses are Orange, 
Then, Orange Roses to say that I want to build a relationship with you
People say Roses are White, 
Then, The White Rose for the purity and confession of my heart
To confess in my heart that I am truly falling in love with you. 

By Ryn