Tuesday, January 24, 2012

*ღ Ode To A Rose ღ*

 Nature's Beauty that Captures Every Sight, so Called Rose........

 Ode To Rose

 She is so beautiful,
She is elegant and fragile
She is very sensitive,
Yet so powerful
Poets praise her,
Lovers need her,
She is loved by all
She is Nature's wonder
She smells so special,
She is the symbol of Love
She brings peace and happiness,
Truly She is the queen of flowers,
Yes, the lovely Rose will always bloom,
And be the reason for thousand smiles.

The First Written Reference to the Rose Flower Dates Back to 3000 B.C. In 600 B.C. 

Since the ancient times, the Rose Flower has been Considered as the Food for the Body, Mind and Soul.

Endless Stories and Incidents Covers the History of the Flower Rose, Just a Solid Fact that the Rose is the Best Gift which Mother Nature Has Blessed Mankind With. 

 Flower Meanings For Communicating Emotions And Heartfelt Feelings.

Brief Knowledge of What Ode Is :

Ode is Typically a Lyrical Verse Written in Praise of, or Dedicated to Someone or Something Which Captures the Poet's Interest or an Inspiration.

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